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Many of the people within the phone dating community are looking to have some sexy fun over the phone. Phone sex is mutual masturbation with at least 2 people over the telephone. The thing about phone sex is it can be whatever you want, literally. You can use your imagination to create unique fantasies and role-playing scenarios with a phone lover. Or you let your phone lover talk about a fantasy. There are really no limitations when it comes to what you can explore with phone sex so long as your partner is up for it. You can even try a kink out that you’re not 100 percent about and see how it goes. If you don’t like it, you don’t ever have to experience it again but should you find that you enjoy it, imagine the doors that are now open. Phone sex is a safe way to explore and get in tune with yourself and others.

The chat lines are filled with hundreds of single people at any given time so you can connect with others whenever you want! Use active listening skills to find out more about people you meet on the chat lines. It’s also recommended that you ask open-ended questions because it gives your phone friend a chance to open up. Talk about your experiences, what you’re looking for, and your desires.