ABC News has been hit with a sexual assault lawsuit filed by a former producer. Kirstyn Crawford accuses former ABC News Senior Executive Producer Michael Corn of assaulting her during a business trip and an Uber ride.

ABC News Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit
ABC News Hit With Sexual Assault Lawsuit

Another former producer, Jill McClain, has accused Corn of assaulting her as well. The two women are not named plaintiffs in the lawsuit, but their testimony was included in the case. The lawsuit alleges that Corn made Crawford feel intimidated and assaulted her during the events.

Michael Corn

A judge ruled that a Michael Corn sexual assault lawsuit has failed because it was filed too late. Judge Barbara Jaffe determined that the statute of limitations had passed on the claims. Although Corn denies the accusations, he plans to appeal the decision. He is represented by attorney Milton Williams. The plaintiff, Cindy Crawford, alleged that Corn sexually assaulted her and created a hostile work environment.

When the lawsuit was filed, the ABC News staff was shocked and confused. They demanded answers, especially after Corn mysteriously left the network. The news network later said in a motion to dismiss the lawsuit that it had fired Corn after investigating the assault allegations against him.

Good Morning America

Michael Corn is facing a sexual assault lawsuit filed by Kirstyn Crawford. The former producer of ABC’s “Good Morning America” claims that Corn sexually assaulted her two years ago on a work trip and then hid it. Crawford’s lawsuit was filed in New York state supreme court.

According to the complaint, Michael Corn assaulted Crawford during an Uber ride in New York City. Crawford worked as a producer for George Stephanopoulos on “Good Morning America.” She alleges that Corn groped and pinned her during the incident and told her not to report it to the network. She also cites another former ABC staffer who corroborated Crawford’s allegations.

Sra. McClain

The Sra. McClain sexual assault lawsuit was filed in Oregon after the defendant was convicted of a sexual assault. The trial judge found McClain guilty of the crime, but she is appealing the decision. She says she has suffered from emotional distress. She is pursuing this lawsuit because she felt like she had lost control of her body and had been abused by the defendant.

April was a senior airman in the Air National Guard when she filed charges. Her alleged perpetrator was a master sergeant in her unit. She claims the NCO made her feel uncomfortable by making inappropriate comments about her body parts and forcing her to touch him. Ultimately, the alleged perpetrator raped her multiple times. In November of last year, she told her chaplain about the assault and he urged her to contact her unit’s sexual assault response coordinator or senior airman.

Research for ABC News

As a writer for the Apple TV+ drama “The Morning Show,” Jay Carson wanted to find out more about the prevalence of sexual harassment in the television news business. He spoke to an ABC News producer named Kirstyn Crawford, who had claimed she was sexually assaulted two years ago by her boss. She informed Jay Carson, who then informed “GMA” anchor George Stephanopoulos of her allegations.

The company has denied any sexual harassment or assault, and has said it is committed to maintaining a safe environment. It has a process in place to deal with complaints. However, Crawford’s lawsuit suggests that the problem extends beyond Corn and ABC’s failure to discipline or remove him and provide a safe environment. After the February accusations, ABC’s internal investigation of Corn’s behavior was launched. Godwin said the company’s handling of Corn’s behavior would be a focus of the investigation.

Lack of transparency

The sexual assault lawsuit filed against ABC News alleges that there was a lack of transparency surrounding the company’s investigation into the allegations. In a recent staff meeting, the company’s president, Kim Godwin, expressed her frustration with the situation and called for the investigation to be handled by an outside firm.

Kim Godwin was recently named president of ABC News, tasked with changing the culture at the company. The network had a reputation for being a snake pit, and Godwin has vowed to change that. But the culture of ABC News has been under scrutiny since an ABC producer was accused of sexual assault by a former staffer.

Lack of communication

In February, Crawford made a formal complaint against Corn, a former executive producer of ABC News’ “Good Morning America.” Since April, he has been suspended from the network and has been out of work. Crawford alleges that Corn assaulted her twice, and ABC News was furious over the allegations. In a statement, president Marge Godwin said she was surprised and “very sorry” to hear about the allegations. But she also acknowledged that the allegations are indicative of a larger issue: a broken culture at ABC.

The lawsuit argues that the company failed to adequately communicate with its former staff members and its employees about sexual misconduct. According to the complaint, the network did not provide adequate information about the misconduct of Corn, and the company’s failure to respond to the complaint was another problem. A lack of communication in sexual assault lawsuit against ABC News argues that the company failed to communicate with its employees, and that the company obstructed the investigation.

Lack of disciplinary action

An ABC News sexual assault lawsuit alleges that the network failed to properly investigate the claims of sexual harassment against one of its executives. The suit alleges that the network failed to discipline Corn or take other action to protect women. Regardless of the validity of the claims, the network has a duty to investigate all allegations and ensure a safe work environment.

Jill McClain, an ABC producer, alleges that she was abused twice by senior ABC News executive producer Michael Corn. The abuse allegedly happened on a plane in 2010 and again in 2011 while McClain was heading back to New York.