There are many different sexual positions available for your partner to enjoy, but if you’re looking for the best position for hitting the G-spot, you’ve come to the right place! Read on for more information about Elbow plank missionary position, Front-action grinding, Spooning, and Doggy style!

Best Sexual Position For Hitting the G-Spot
Best Sexual Position For Hitting the G-Spot

Elbow plank missionary position

Among all sexual positions, the elbow plank missionary position has a few advantages over the others. This position is easy to transition from one position to the next, and its weight distribution is ideal. The penis remains inserted and it is easy to maintain a rhythm.

The missionary position can be adapted to accommodate different body types. It is particularly suitable for people with knee pain. It does not require a lot of movement on the part of the partner on top, so it is ideal for those who have trouble with knees. Furthermore, it allows the legs to be extended without external pressure on the knees.

Another great feature of the missionary position is that the legs are elevated, which allows for greater penetration and easy access to the clitoris. It’s also an excellent position for a bondage experience.

Front-action grinding

Front-action grinding is a safer approach to sexual intercourse than long, intense thrusts. This position involves rubbing the vagina and clitus. Most men are familiar with the missionary position. It allows for deep penetration and intimacy, as well as quick breaks. Moreover, it allows a man to do short, fast thrusts.


The spooning position is one of the most popular sex positions in the bedroom. It creates a close and intimate connection and is ideal for couples of any sexual orientation. Spooning is especially effective if done in front of a mirror, which increases eye contact. If you’re unsure of how to do it, experiment with your partner and see what works best.

Spooning sex is one of the most intimate positions for sex, and it’s ideal for couples because it allows both partners to fully enjoy the penetration process while also conveying feelings of closeness, intimacy, and protection. In addition, spooning often goes hand in hand with cuddling, which makes it even more enjoyable for both partners. Spooning is also very easy to perform and will increase the feeling of connection between the two partners.

Doggy style

Doggy style sexual positions are often uncomfortable for people who are used to having missionary sex. The angle of penetration and the girth of the penis are unfamiliar to them, and the bend in the penis may be uncomfortable. Be sure to tell your partner if it hurts. You may need to experiment with different angles to find the right one for you.

Another benefit to doggy style sex is that it allows the top partner to dive deep into their partner. This can lead to a blended orgasm for the bottom partner.

Prone rear-entry

The Prone rear-entry is a unique twist on the standard doggy position. Here, you and your partner lie on the floor and she is spooned and rotated face down. This position is ideal for those with smaller penises, as the man will be doing most of the work. Nonetheless, you’ll need to be careful and work out exactly where to put your knees to give your partner the best pleasure possible.

One of the benefits of rear entry is that it puts the penis in direct contact with the “G-spot,” which some scientists believe is a part of the clitoral complex. The stimulation of this part of the clitoral head is what leads to orgasm in many women. Consequently, the Rear Entry position is a popular choice for most orgasmists.