If your boyfriend seems to put his own needs before yours, it may be time to get out of the relationship. You deserve a partner who will make you happy and treat you with respect.

Breaking Up With a Selfish Boyfriend
Breaking Up With a Selfish Boyfriend

If you’re in a relationship with a selfish guy, it’s important to confront him about his behavior. Otherwise, he’ll continue to act this way.

He does not care about your feelings

If your boyfriend doesn’t care about your feelings, it means he is selfish. Selfishness is a normal part of human nature, but when it goes beyond this and becomes self-obsession, it can be detrimental to a relationship.

In a relationship, you and your partner should make decisions together. Your boyfriend should respect your opinions, and he should show interest in what you want and need.

If you feel like your boyfriend is not meeting your needs, you need to speak up. He may be trying to avoid confrontation, but you need to take it seriously and try to sort it out.

He does not make rules for the two of you

Usually, in a relationship, both partners agree on some rules that they want to follow. For example, you may decide that you want to go on a date and he agrees to come along.

However, if he refuses to change his mind and is still insisting on having things his way, it’s time to take some drastic measures.

First, you should confront him about his selfish behavior. Maybe he doesn’t realize what he’s doing, and simply pointing out his selfishness will be enough to bring him back down to earth.

He does not ask about your day

Having a selfish boyfriend can be a major headache. You are constantly trying to get his attention, but he seems to be too busy with himself to notice you.

He also does not seem to want to help out with any of your needs, and this can be especially annoying if you need some time to work on a project or deal with an emergency.

A self-obsessed person is only concerned about themselves, and this is a sign that he may not be the best partner for you. The good news is that you can teach him a thing or two about how to be more considerate, and you should start by making sure that he understands the most important aspects of a relationship.

He does not listen to you

A selfish boyfriend may seem like he cares about you but he is only concerned with himself. He wants to be in control of your life and he does not want you to have any breathing room.

He is a control freak and has to know where you are going, what time you leave and who you hang out with. He can be annoying at times but he is also your partner and you need to respect his boundaries as well.

If you are noticing any of the above signs that your boyfriend is a selfish guy, you need to confront him about it. You need to be honest and upfront about how his selfish behavior is hurting you and your relationship.

He is obsessed with himself

If you’ve been dating a selfish boyfriend, it might be time to walk away. It’s not easy to break up with someone who puts their own needs ahead of yours, but it can save you a lot of pain and angst down the road.

Self-obsessed people are often charming on the surface, but they can also be difficult to deal with. According to psychologists, they can stem from a past of trauma or abuse, which may lead to narcissistic behaviors.

If he dominates your conversations and constantly steers the conversation back to himself, it’s a sign that he’s selfish. He wants to be the center of attention and will do anything to ensure that he stays there.