A sexual couple is a couple with varying levels of intimacy. This kind of relationship has a balanced sexual voice and values both intimacy and erotic playfulness. Sometimes, this type of relationship can fall into benign neglect or lose its erotic playfulness when circumstances change. However, there are ways to deal with this type of relationship.

Dealing With Intimacy Issues in a Sexual Couple
Dealing With Intimacy Issues in a Sexual Couple

Problems with partner selection

Sexually involved couples often have problems with proper partner selection. The intense physical rewards of sex can cause couples to overlook deeper incompatibilities. In such situations, communication is crucial for solving the problems. In a sexually committed couple, the communication between partners is essential for creating a lasting relationship.

Problems with maintaining a mutually comfortable level of intimacy

Intimacy is a fundamental element of any relationship, and it is a major component of trust. Often, problems with intimacy stem from childhood experiences. One or both partners may have suffered from physical or emotional abuse, or they may have experienced a loss or separation from a parent. Regardless of the cause, these traumatic experiences can affect both partners’ confidence, self-esteem, and ability to form close bonds.

Another common reason for intimacy problems is a lack of security or transparency. Some partners simply do not feel comfortable sharing their feelings with their partners. Other times, both partners are afraid to be vulnerable or uncomfortable. However, intimacy issues can be overcome through self-exploration and practice.

Ways to deal with a sexual couple

Sex is a key component of a fulfilling relationship, but many couples face challenges when their desires are different. A good way to resolve this dilemma is to find a compromise. Instead of a therapist, try asking yourself, “What do I really want?” and finding a middle ground. By valuing each partner’s desires, you can increase the intimacy of your relationship.