If you’ve ever wondered whether animals masturbate, you’re not alone. Elephants and Giraffes engage in same-sex intercourse, and Marine iguanas have even been observed to rub their genitals against sticks. But what exactly is masturbation, and how does it occur in animals?

Do Animals Masturbate
Do Animals Masturbate?

Elephants masturbate

Elephants are the largest land mammal and are prone to masturbation. A male elephant’s penis is long and flexible, allowing it to wiggle around and repeatedly strike itself against its belly to stimulate its penis. This behavior is most prominent during early stages of musth, when the elephant is aggressive and dribbling urine, making it irresistible to female elephants. But as musth progresses, elephants lose interest in beating themselves. A similar behavior can be observed in walruses, which use their front flippers to rub the shaft of their long penis. This technique is not effective, and can be dangerous.

Although masturbation is taboo in most societies, there is no universal stigma surrounding masturbation. Several other nonhuman species have been known to masturbate, including squirrels, penguins, and horses. This type of masturbation is unique to each species.

Giraffes engage in same-sex encounters

Although giraffes are mostly monogamous, some researchers say they engage in same-sex encounters with each other. In a recent study, a group of scientists in Tanzania observed 16 male-on-male mountings. Nine of the mountings were accompanied by an unsheathed penis. The naturalists concluded that the mountings were expressions of dominance. However, they also noted that one male mounted a female – although the latter was also a male.

Male giraffes engage in same-sex interactions with each other before mating. These sexual encounters are often short-lived alliances. Males often rub their necks against the necks of their prospective partners, which is considered a sign of sex attraction. During these encounters, giraffes also examine other males before mating.

Squirrels rub sticks against their genitals

Squirrels have different reasons for masturbating. It may help them clean their genitals and prevent STDs. They may also do it to prevent infection from old semen. The animal kingdom has a lot to teach us about sexuality. For instance, monkeys and squirrels have different sex rituals than do humans.

Squirrels also masturbate to keep their genitals clean. This way, they lower the risk of contracting sexually transmitted infections (STIs). This is especially helpful to these animals because they cannot easily lose water, so masturbation is very important to them.

Dogs lick their genitals

There are two common explanations for this behavior. First, your dog may be experiencing discomfort or pain in its genitals. This could be the result of a urinary tract infection, which can make them lick themselves in an effort to relieve the pain. Alternatively, your dog could be suffering from a mental problem that leads to these repetitive behavior. In this case, a visit to your veterinarian is in order.

In general, the answer is yes. The act of masturbation causes the penis to become erect and rotates the pelvis. Some dogs may even use their front paws to masturbate. Nonetheless, there are no conclusive studies to support the benefits of masturbation in dogs. It is thought to release sexual tension and improve mood. Additionally, regular ejaculation can decrease the risk of developing prostatic disease.