Before I met Max, I was only curious about BDSM. She helped me embrace it and understand it and for that, I’m so grateful. I feel like I’ve uncovered a part of myself that I never understood before.

One night I was alone with nothing to do and decided to try out a mobile phone sex chatline that advertised ‘girls who love to dirty chat’. I could see the appeal of calling up a woman and chatting about sex.

Dominance and Submission Over the Phone
Dominance and Submission Over the Phone

I was well versed in the dos and don’ts of good phone sex from my long distance relationship in college, so it was easy enough, I wasn’t terribly nervous, I just looked up a local number and called, talked to a few girls.

I started doing this every now and again since it was fun, but nobody I spoke to had the same type of appeal as Max. She almost immediately asked me if I was into BDSM, or phonesex domination.

I found that I enjoyed following where she led with the conversation and let her tell me what I should do. I had so much fun letting order me around. Max’s voice was sweet and soft as butter, but she had a way with words that made you want to do whatever she asked.

I found myself at her mercy entirely, and when we talked I would forget all my problems with work and life and get lost in the moment, a wonderful feeling I found I had needed in my busy life.

Since then I’ve gotten into more involved BDSM, met new people and done in-person scenes. And I’ve still never met Max, but I owe this shift in my life and enjoying my sex life to her. I never in my life thought a voice could be so powerful, but Max’s truly changed my life.