When I’m not talking on our phone lines, I tend to read a lot of articles on the Internet. We are definitely an information overload society, and I delve right in to the onslaught. Recently I came across an article that was discussing questions you should feel comfortable asking your partner when you are in a committed relationship.

Don’t Be Afraid To Ask
Don’t Be Afraid To Ask

It was a good article and it got me thinking that some of the questions would make for great icebreakers on our sexy phone lines. When you call for a sexy conversation, you know (sort of) where it’s going to go even if you don’t know exactly how to get there. So here are a few really good conversation starters that you can use when getting naughty with one of our hottie phone operators.

Get on one of our lines and start the conversation casually by asking what items are on the operator’s menu. What do they like as an appetizer or foreplay. Is nipple play a turn on? Do they like to have their neck kissed? After you can move onto the main course. How do they like it? Missionary, standing, in the shower, from behind. Obviously you can have a LOT of fun discussing all the things on the main course list. And what happens after? Is it time to sleep, cuddle, watch TV? Remember just because you are phoning in for a bit of naughty talk, your conversation can include all of these elements to get your motors running. And the more you both discuss your preferences, the better the session will be.

Another great way to get a sexy session started is to ask your partner what they fantasize about. Even if you are talking in one of our one on one rooms, you may find yourself getting turned on as our sexy operator describes a favorite fantasy that he or she wants to live out. As a matter of fact, it may become the focal point of your call!

Another really sexy icebreaker is asking your partner how you can turn them on. Our phone lines are obviously geared toward intimate conversation and we bet you’ll be surprised at how quickly you get turned on just hearing about what turns someone on! It’s totally a win win.