It doesn’t just have to be one on one conversations on the chat lines. You can enjoy having fun filled conversations and phone sex with many people at the same time! If you find yourself in a group phone date one way to break the ice is to have a game. There are many games you can play, but you can always be creative and make a new game. Just make sure everyone involved knows the rules and have a great time!

Game Ideas While Group Phone Dating
Game Ideas While Group Phone Dating

Story Game
In this phone game, each person has a few minutes to tell a true story from their life. The word can be based on the subject matter. Make it sexy by having the word relate to something sensual. This can be a lot of fun in a group phone date. You can learn about others and have fun with one another.

Truth or Dare
This could also be a fun way to get to know other people over the phone. Every time someone refuses to take on the dare or answer the truth, they have to do a dare!

Strip Tease
This is a play on the classic truth or dare game with an additional sexy feature. If you or someone on the phone doesn’t take action in the game, they have to take off a layer of clothes. Warning! This game may lead to hot group phone sex. Can I say phone orgy anyone?!