When you initiate a first date with a guy, you should be prepared with a few key steps to help you get the best response. The first step is to make sure your body language gives off the right impression.

How Do Guys Like When You Initiate a First Date With a Guy
How Do Guys Like When You Initiate a First Date With a Guy?

Whether you’re winking or making eye contact, you can set the stage for a great first impression by making subtle gestures that tell him how you feel.

Eye contact

Eye contact is an effective way to build intimacy in relationships. Whether you’re dating, in a relationship, or in a close friendship, eye contact is a great way to communicate your interest and attraction. It’s also a great way to attract a man.

The Aberdeen University studied opposite-sex couples and found that when the pair made eye contact, they reported stronger feelings of intimacy. In addition, they increased their bonding, which helped them feel more connected and trusting.

There are six different levels of eye contact. Level 0 is neutral. People at this level don’t usually realize that they’re making eye contact.

Level 1 is when the person is staring at you without being aware of what they are doing. This means they are either nervous or unsure about their intentions. They may look at you without actually thinking about you, so you are likely to quickly look away.


If you’re looking for a little bit of mystery from a man, you can always look to his winking. There are many different reasons why men may wink. Some guys use it as a way to greet someone. Others might say it’s a sign of friendship. Winking can even be used to make people laugh.

You can also wink to say goodbye or to say hello. You can also wink to show you’re thinking about someone. Sometimes it can even be used as a way to tell someone to “take care”.

When you wink, you are saying “I am thinking of you.” It’s a great way to let somebody know you’re thinking of them. This can be a good sign, but it can also be an indicator that you’re lying. So don’t be fooled!

Non-sexual, romantic touch

How do guys like non-sexual, romantic touch? It is important that you show your partner that you can be both intimate and non-intimate. You don’t have to kiss, cuddle, or even touch him sexually in order to make him feel loved and secure.

If you’re looking for some non-sexual, romantic touch ideas, try the following:

Try hugging or tickling your partner. These are fun and nurturing touches. They will give your partner a feeling of security and help lighten his mood.

Kissing your partner can also be a great non-sexual, romantic touch. Men often feel most loved when a woman smiles at them.

Hand-holding is another type of non-sexual, romantic touch. Holding your lover’s hand can be a gentle and affectionate way of showing that you are interested. For some people, holding hands can be a bit awkward.

Subtle gestures communicate your love for him

If you want to impress your special someone you should learn how to use subtle gestures to your advantage. Subtle gestures are not as flashy as you might think. They are a great way to show your man a little extra love. Having the right amount of attention is an important component to any relationship. Whether you are dating, engaged, or married the trick is to be present in the right place at the right time. Performing a small act of kindness can turn any bad day around.

There are many things you can do to woo your partner. Taking the time to do something nice for your special someone is a great way to make them smile. Whether it is making a special meal or letting them choose the movie, the reward of a happy partner is well worth the effort.