Teenagers meet in many ways, from online dating sites to social media. While they may have a good idea who they’re interested in, it’s important to make sure they get to know that person before committing.

How to Engage Teens Meeting
How to Engage Teens Meeting

Icebreaker games are an easy and effective way to break the ice and initiate conversations. Try a few of these adolescent-friendly activities.

1. Ask Questions

Having an open dialogue with your teen during the dating years can help them feel confident. Transparency is key to this, as teens often find it difficult to discuss their emotions with parents because they worry it will make them look weak or impulsive.

Thankfully, asking questions is one of the best ways to start a conversation with your teen and keep it going. Here are some questions to get you started:

Another important thing to remember is to listen. When they talk about their feelings, be willing to hear what they have to say without judgment or advice.

2. Listen Empathetically

Listening empathically is a dynamic, compassionate process that requires more than taking in words. It’s about absorbing the speaker’s words and their emotional context, including body language and non-verbal communication.

When listening empathically, try to understand the speaker’s emotions and their motivations for sharing. That’s how you can relate to them on a human level and offer a meaningful response, says Positive Psychology expert Rob Gent, Chief Clinical Officer at Embark Behavioral Health.

It’s also important to reflect back on what your teen is saying without a predetermined agenda, paraphrasing, and giving them time to gather their thoughts before you speak again. These skills can help you build a deeper connection with your teen.

3. Ask for Their Opinion

A teen meeting is a great time to encourage group discussion. It’s a great way to stimulate ideas and make everyone feel included. The best way to encourage this is to ask the group for their opinions on a wide variety of topics.

A teens meeting should also be considered a learning experience, so be sure to get them talking about topics that interest them. You’ll be amazed at how much you can learn about your teen when you are willing to listen to their views. The best part is that you will have a better idea of what your teen is thinking and feeling about the world around them.

4. Give Them Choices

If your teen is struggling with a problem, give them several options to choose from. This will help them think through their choices with logic rather than emotion.

Ask your teen to write down the pros and cons of each option so they can evaluate their decision later. It’s also important to explain that there isn’t always a right or wrong choice.

Providing teens with opportunities to make decisions will not only help them develop their independence, but will also prepare them for life. Moreover, when they feel they have control over their own lives, they are more likely to behave responsibly and maturely.

5. Do Something Active

Teenagers are busy people, so it is important to have a fun and engaging activity that keeps their attention focused. Whether it is a group game or an activity that is based on a subject they are interested in, you should be able to find something that will make their meeting exciting.

For example, a fun icebreaker for teens is to have them grab random items from around the room and share what they found. It can be anything that represents something in their life, such as a book, a phone, a photograph, or even a snack!

6. Invite Them to Perform

Performing can be a great way to engage teens. Even if it’s just something simple like dancing around, they will enjoy the experience.

Rather than asking them to write a paper about a topic, get them to perform an explanation of it. This will keep their interest in the content and they’ll feel like they’re making an effort to learn more about what you’re talking about!

Group games can also be a fun and interactive way to get teens involved. These can range from simple team-building activities to more competitive challenges that will get the blood pumping! Try some of these games out next time you’re planning a teen meeting!