Flirting is a way to show interest in someone. It can be subtle or obvious, and involves specific gestures and body language.

How to Tell If a Man is Into You by Flirting
How to Tell If a Man is Into You by Flirting

For example, swaying your hips or absently touching your hair can be flirtatious. Complimenting him or teasing him also works, but be careful not to go overboard.

1. He’s genuinely interested

If he’s trying to touch your arm when you’re talking, sneaking a little brush with your skin when he can, and generally going out of his way to show you attention, that’s probably a sign he likes you. Guys will usually be a bit overzealous with this, so if it gets a little over the top, don’t worry!

A man who’s genuinely interested in you will always try to make you laugh. He’ll pull out all the stops with his funniest stories, punchiest anecdotes, and clever quips. He’ll also compliment you constantly, even if it’s just to make you smile and feel good about yourself. This is a classic flirting move that never goes out of style!

2. He’s making an effort

A guy who likes you will make an effort to get to know you, and that includes flirting. He might give you compliments, playfully touch your hand, or even touch your arm or shoulder as he’s talking to you.

Guys aren’t typically quick to give out compliments, so if you’re getting lots of them it could mean that he is flirting with you. He may also show off a little, talking about his accomplishments or bragging about himself.

This is a great sign that he’s interested in you. He might talk about his new apartment or a big project he’s working on. He might even talk about his music or a hobby that he enjoys.

3. He’s making you laugh

A man who likes you will try to make you laugh. It’s a natural instinct for most people, and when it’s combined with flirtatious behavior, you know that he is trying to capture your attention and charm you. He may compliment you as well. Men love to be celebrated, so if you catch him complimenting you often, that’s a great sign.

If he keeps making jokes that are a little intimate or references to your relationship, it’s another huge indicator that he’s flirting with you. Guys will try to find ways to connect with you, so they will go out of their way to point out things you have in common, your interests, music, movies, etc. This is a great way to bond with someone and see if there’s chemistry.

4. He’s flirting with you in person

If a guy is flirting with you in person, he will try to look his best around you. This might mean that he straightens his clothes, picks off crumbs from his shirt, or even takes extra care with his appearance in general. These visual cues are a sure sign that he’s into you.

Another way to tell if a man is flirting with you in person is if he shows excitement about finding things that you have in common. This could be your interests, music, movies or anything else!

He also may text you a lot, much more than a normal friend. He might ask you what your day was like, where you’ve been or even just to hang out.

5. He’s texting you

When a guy likes you, he will often text you multiple times throughout the day. This can be something simple, like a “good morning” text or it could be a follow-up to a previous conversation. If he texts you asking questions about your work, your friends or your personal life, he’s interested in getting to know you.

He may also use emojis to flirt with you. These are usually smiley faces, winks and hearts.

Guys who are flirting will share their funniest stories, punchiest anecdotes and cleverest quips with the person they like. They want to make you laugh and feel comfortable around them. They may even give you a cute nickname early on to further build intimacy with you.