Meeting your gf’s parents for the first time can be stressful. You’re hoping they like you and want the relationship to go forward.

Meeting Your Girlfriend's Parents For the First Time
Meeting Your Girlfriend’s Parents For the First Time

There are also many possible nightmare scenarios that could play out. Here are some tips to help you make a great impression and avoid any awkward moments.

Be Prepared

If you don’t prepare yourself for meeting her parents, you may find yourself awkward, without much to talk about or acting like a complete idiot. Being polite, personable and animated will get you a long way in impressing her parents.

During the conversation, you can break the ice by asking questions about themselves. This will show that you are genuinely interested in getting to know them. Stay away from subjects that are controversial (politics, religion, money) and sex; these topics can be awkward and can make them feel defensive.

Address them by their first names unless they ask you to call them by their last name. When the time comes to leave, thank them for their hospitality and shake hands. Leave them with a positive impression and they will be looking forward to your next visit.

Be Polite

Her parents want to see you as a good boy, someone they can trust their daughter to have a long-term relationship with. One of the most important things you can do is show her parents that you respect them, even if you disagree on some subjects.

For example, if her family prays before meals, it’s polite to bow your head when they say grace. If they serve food you don’t like, be polite and try a bite.

It’s also a good idea to give compliments to her parents, especially if they cook. It makes them feel special and is a nice way to end your visit. When leaving, be sure to shake hands with them and say goodbye. A nice goodbye shows that you’re a polite person.

Be Confident

Meeting her parents marks a serious step in your relationship and can be nerve-wracking. Whether they approve of you or not, it will impact your future together. Be confident and show that you are a great match for their daughter.

While being somewhat reserved (politics, religion, money, sex should not enter the conversation), let her parents see your sense of humor and your personality. This will help them get to know you better.

A lot of people feel nervous before they meet their girlfriends’ parents and it’s totally normal. However, if you are prepared, respectful, and polite, the outcome will be positive. You will leave the room with a good impression and her parents will be impressed. They will be more likely to give you the green light for the future.

Be Open

Open means that you are receptive to new information and ideas. It is also about a willingness to change your own existing beliefs and mental models in response to what you are hearing from others.

It is important to be open when meeting your girlfriend’s parents because they will likely want to know about your relationship and plans for the future. However, it is not a good idea to discuss sensitive topics like religion or politics, especially if they disagree with you.

Asking her parents about their jobs, interests and family history can be a great way to start conversations with them. This will show that you are interested in getting to know them better and it may help break the ice if there is an initial awkward silence.

Ask Questions

Meeting your girlfriend’s parents can be intimidating. It’s the first serious step in the relationship and may have significant ramifications for your future together. If you want to avoid a nervous breakdown during the first meet-up try to keep some neutral conversation topics in your back pocket.

For instance, you could ask about their careers or interests to show interest in them. Or, you can give a sincere compliment to show you care about them. For example, you could tell them how much you admire their ability to appreciate the little things in life.

It’s also a good idea to stay away from sensitive conversations like politics, religion and money. Plus, you should steer clear of jokes until you get a better feel for her family’s sense of humor.