Mutual masturbation is one of the sexiest things you can do for sensual fun on the chat lines. Phone sex is the art of mutual masturbation with at least two people. You can truly let your freak flag fly with new people from all around the world because if anything goes wrong or if you simply don’t get along with another person over the chat lines, you can end the call. Additionally, there are hundreds of people available to speak with should you want to make a new call. Many of the people who are a part of the phone dating community are open to trying new things sexually and otherwise. People are looking for a way to genuinely connect with others while having safe, fun, and consensual phone sex and this platform has hundreds of people available to chat with and share with from all over the world.

Mutual masturbation is a 2-way conversation about anything that makes you feel sexy. You can describe what you would do to your phone friend if he or she was there with you or you can try a fantasy or role-playing scenario. You can also simply share with one another about your favorite sexual experiences and go from there. Whatever you want to try, go for it! You will likely find someone who is open enough to either express the new thing that they want to try with you or be open to the things you desire. It’s 100 percent safe and there’s no need to worry about STDs or emotional attachments. This can be something casual or something more serious depending on what you and your phone lover(s) want.

Additionally, should you find yourself on a different wavelength than someone you’re speaking with on the chat lines, you don’t have to continue the conversation. End the call and redial the chat line number whenever you’re ready to speak with someone new.