If you’ve been on a dating app you most likely seen or heard a lie, you might guilty of telling a lie on a dating app yourself. Is it because you are trying to make yourself stand out or impress your potential partners? A Stanford University study just found that dating app users typically lie for the sole reason of appearing more dateable.

People Lie More On Dating Apps Than They Do On The Phone
People Lie More On Dating Apps Than They Do On The Phone

The researchers analyzed over 3,000 messages sent from 200 participants in the study called Deception in Mobile Dating Conversations during the “discovery phase.” The study revealed that the majority of lies were not about trying to increase the likelihood of hooking up or having casual sex. With the date collected, dating researchers found that seven per cent of the “discovery phase” messages were lies.

That is why our phone lines are so trustworthy because of the genuine nature of our callers and the intimacy of actually speaking to someone over the phone and hearing their voice. It’s a lot easier to deceive or lie when you are simply just messaging someone over an app. Also, when something is commonplace in a situation or in an app it becomes easier to lie or do said act because you feel like you are not doing anything wrong.

The lies are called “butler lies,” which refers to lies that politely initiate or terminate interactions, but that save face if you don’t meet up later. An example of a butler lie is “Hey I’m so sorry, but I don’t think I’m going to be able to make our date tonight. My brother just called and he wants to hang out because his girlfriend just broke up with him. Let’s meet up some other time in the future. Sorry again.” The person’s brother never called and is still with his girlfriend, they politely wanted to cancel the date without hurting feelings.

Sometimes callers want to seem spontaneous and not desperate to go on a date, but planning and preparing the date time over the phone is great way to have no miscommunication and allows for more conversation. When you call your local chat line find out what your partner likes from local restaurants or bars around you. Before hanging up the phone and getting ready for your date, make sure you tell them you will call and make reservations for an agreed time. So pick up your phone and call your local chat line and go get a date!