Reddit recently started a thread that we had to pass along to our amazing phone community about everything you need to know about sex that they didn’t cover in sex ed class. I think everyone can agree that as we get older, we tend to get better at having sex and hence, talking about it.

Sex Ed Continued
Sex Ed Continued

Our one on one sexy phone lines are always hoppin’ proving that people love talking about sex on the phone. So, to talk about sex it helps to be good at it. So without further ado, these are some of the things that Sex Ed class didn’t cover but probably should.

While talking about sex, remember that there is much more to sex than just penetration. According to a Reddit contributor, only 75% of women cum from just penetration alone. So when you call in, remember to tell your partner everything that you are doing to him or her on top of just the old in and out.

Hats off to masturbation! Apparently those that masturbate 21 times a month can lower the risk of prostate cancer by almost 33%. That is great news and remember, we have tons of people on the phones ready and waiting to help get you there!

And one of the most important things that Sex Ed 101 tends to leave out of it’s curriculum is that sex can be wildly pleasurable. Sure we all know sex is supposed to feel good. But sexual education tends to focus on the “how to” or “how to not”, which is great but they should be more honest about the shared pleasure involved. And if both parties are not experiencing pleasure, they should explore how to talk with your partner to make sure they are also feeling good. Sex is all about communication (phone sex is REALLY all about communication) and with better sexual education courses out there, the world definitely has the potential to be an even sexier place.