We’ve all seen those science fiction movies with colonies of humans on Mars and thought it was so cool, the idea of living on Mars is so fascinating. NASA, space agencies, scientists and researchers around the world have been working hard to find out what it would take for humanity on the mysterious plant. Getting to the red planet is just half the battle, we would need to create structures and find sustainable sources of food, but what about sex on Mars?

Sex On Mars Could Create New Species
Sex On Mars Could Create New Species?

New research says that reproduction in space could start an entire new species. Scientists have studied astronauts after spending months and years in space and have said that their biology changes. Low gravity causes muscles to deteriorate and can weaken our bone structure. Astronauts experienced problems with their vision when they came back and the shape of their brains changed. The low gravity environment would be a threat to pregnancy that otherwise is so easy on Earth.

We don’t even know if a mother could carry full term without something actually going wrong. The research also talks about how the colony affect on the planet could change relationships and sex. Due to the hardships of the environment on Mars the concept of “love” would come second to survival. Men and women may be paired by their biology rather than if they truly like the other person. This wouldn’t fly with our live chat lines because we only pair callers based on their attractions and wants.

Researchers also talked about the crazy idea of editing the genes of future Mars residents to increase survival on the planet. Literally removing all the bad traits and making a human that is fit for life on Mars. This could actually make a new type of human, they could be fine on Mars but could never live back on Earth.

The future of living on Mars doesn’t sound like it will ever be possible or something that would be enjoyable. The whole notion of editing genes, pairing couples by biology and a new human subspecies doesn’t sit to well. We will be just fine here on earth with our local (not in outer space) phone lines open 24/7/365. You won’t get paired with someone based on biology on our phones lines, they will be someone who has the same interests, hobbies and looks that you want. Keep in mind, phone sex with someone on Mars would probably come with some very steep long distance charges!