Now that you feel comfortable and confident with chat numbers, you may want to spice things up with a bit of sexy chatting. There are hundreds of thousands of sexy telephone chat rooms out there, so you are not alone in wanting to have some naughty fun online.

Sexy Phone Chat Starts Fast and Finishes Strong
Sexy Phone Chat Starts Fast and Finishes Strong

When sexy chatting, you can chat with a professional cam girl, you can chat on a naughty website or you can find a chat room with a particular sexy theme and go with it. The options are endless, but there are some general guidelines that you can follow that will allow you to have a safe, fun and satisfying sexy chat online.

Phone Chat in general is about having fun, so sexy chat is no different. It’s about engaging the guy or girl that you are talking to and having fun with it. It can also be about pushing boarders and seeing how far you can take it. But, it is important to not make anyone feel uncomfortable when you are sexy chatting. And no one should make you feel uncomfortable. Sure it’s OK to talk about flogging and bondage if you are in a BDSM themed chat room but if you are in a general chat room flirting, you may not want to dive into your leather fantasy within the first three minutes of entering a room.

Sexy talk is just like flirting in a bar, so be sure to use your wit and charm to get the conversation started. Research shows that women like men who make them laugh and men like women who laugh at their jokes. So science has proven that a little humor can take you a long way in the sexy department. Some feel that having a good sense of humor relates to being of higher general intelligence and verbal intelligence, so having the ability to tell a joke or two will have people thinking you are smarter as well.

Once you get a sexy chat started on this free flirting line, it is important to stay on the same level as the guy or girl you are talking to. You want to keep the conversation balanced and relevant. So, if you are in the foreplay stages of a sexy chat you don’t want to dive into crazy graphic detail about what you want to do as you get ready to climax. It’s ok to push the envelope, but do it slow and steady and always gauge how your chat partner is feeling about where the chat is headed.

By following these general sex phone guidelines and remembering to always have fun, you will be well on your way to becoming a super sexy chatter. Remember that sexy chat is a two way street. Respect the people you are chatting with and chances are before you know it you will be getting off online!