Nothing is free, it seems, but there are people who really get off on paying someone to be sexy. No, not to do anything at all, but just because coughing up money and giving it to the object of their attraction is a fetish for them.

This often includes domination on the part of the receiver, so it’s known as Findom or financial domination. This is often referred to as worship, and the people giving the money are referred to as pay pigs or ‘human ATMs’.

The Findom Fetish
The Findom Fetish

There are lots of websites to connect to people into this fetish, and sometimes you can meet like-minded people on nasty phone sex chat-up lines.  An adult private chat line can be instrumental in helping people with a Findom fetish find others who share or can benefit from their fetish.

Often the pay pig will want to be degraded by the (usually) woman they are benefiting, and sometimes they will just want to pay and have an emotionally supportive relationship with some racy talk as well.

They like to be told what to do and get off on being used, but just like any form of BDSM, it’s important to have a basis of trust and for no one to harm anyone or push them past their limits. People engaging in findom should always be responsible and consenting.

The best local chat line numbers are used by people with all kinds of fetishes, so don’t wonder how to start a freaky conversation, just initiate a polite chat at first and ask what the person on the other end is looking for.

Whatever you’re into, just put yourself out there and you’ll find someone who shares your interests. Findom is just one of the many different themes in the wide world of BDSM, and there’s a lot of different fetishes to explore.