The goal of a sexual dice game is to create a heightened sexual atmosphere. Each face of the dice represents a different part of the body. Whichever body part faces up must receive sexual attention.

Variations of the Sexual Dice Game
Variations of the Sexual Dice Game

This game is great for foreplay sessions and makes it even more fun. Here are some variations of the game.


If you want to get your passion flowing, you can try playing a sexual dice game. This game will help you find new ways to please your partner and yourself. It’s fun and easy to learn, and you can even customize it to your liking. You can choose the gender of your dice to make the game even more erotic!

This game involves rolling dice and acting out sexual acts based on what you roll. Each of the dice has its own description of sex acts, and some are easier to play out than others. The resulting combinations are often funny and fun to play, but there’s no guarantee that you’ll get orgasm.

Sex dice come in different shapes and sizes, and are also available in different themes. Some are red and black for a fiery look, while others have three sides. Some of them even have pictures or words on them. This fun game has even made its way onto the Simpsons, where Homer and Marge play the sex dice game. The hilarious confusion that results with each roll of the dice is quite hilarious!


There are many variations of the sexual dice game. The most popular is played with your partner. The two of you take turns rolling the dice. Some combinations are easy, while others can be tricky to play out. There are several ways to play the game, including changing up the rules. You can also substitute body parts for activities, or use a dictionary or book of sexual positions to make your game more fun.

Variations of sexual dice games may include multiple die sets, a third die for props, and one or two action dice. These dice games can be played with a partner or a group of people. Some sets include multiple dice and a spinner. This spinner is used to indicate which partner should do something with the dice.

Some games use a third die, which adds a bit of excitement. The third die determines how the action is carried out, such as ‘Kiss’ or ‘Nipples.’ Other games may include a third option, such as ‘dominantly’. Whatever the variation, the goal of the game is the same.

Variations of sex dice game

If you’re looking for a funny and sexual way to spend some time with your partner, try sex dice. You and your partner will usually take turns rolling the dice. The resulting combinations can be incredibly amusing or downright awkward. If you do roll one that you don’t feel comfortable with, it’s okay to re-roll. This way, you can keep the sexy mood going!

Some versions of sexual dice also use third dice to add extra excitement. These dice decide which actions the players can perform. If both dice are 6 or higher, the action is carried out. For example, if the dice landed on a six, the person performing the action would kiss their partner. The other two dice would roll a two, three, or four to determine the amount of damage they do to the other player. In addition, some variants break the art of lovemaking into separate actions, while others skip it entirely.

While sex dice are popular for play with partners, they can also be played alone. Typically, a sex dice set comes with instructions for both solo and group play. However, if you’re playing a sex dice game with a partner, be sure to use the instructions provided. There are so many variations available that you’ll be surprised at how many ways you can have fun with your partner!

Getting started

When you’re ready to get started with the sexual dice game, there are a few things you need to know. Some dice rolls are easier than others to act out, and it’s OK to re-roll if you’re uncomfortable. You can also substitute different body parts for the actions. And if you’re not sure what to use the dice for, you can always refer to books or dictionaries to help you.

A sexual dice game can be a lot of fun, and it can be an excellent way to make your passion flow. This game is very easy to use, and it’s even customizable, so you can have fun with it anywhere! And the best part? It’s free! You can even use it with your partner, too!

The game is fun for all ages and can be played with friends, as it is simple to learn the rules. You can also use the dice as a fun foreplay game. You can use the dice to make up a number between one and six.