Blah. Online dating is the worst. People put up pictures of themselves that don’t even look like them. They might put up a picture of when they were in college…20 years ago. Now they are all flabby and stocky as opposed to the image they would put out there which would be when they were all hot and fit. Or, maybe they’re not who they say they are at all. They could be a guy living in his mom’s basement pretending to be a hot girl. Haven’t you ever heard of anyone who has been Catfished? There is a whole TV show about it after all. That’s when someone pulls on your heart strings by pretending to be the perfect hot and sexy person. However, when it comes time to meet up or even talk on the phone, they are never available or their phone is broken. They hide behind the anonymity of the internet to trick you into jerking off for them but, it’s just not the same as using a chat number where you know that they will be for real since you will be talking to them on the phone.

Many people in online dating have no intention of ever meeting for a hook up but when you use a chat number these are people who want to fuck in person too. They are horny enough to chat about their deepest desires on the phone and they are hot enough to get to fucking in person too. There are many success stories of local chat lines and free trials that include people fucking, hooking up, dating and even a few marriage stories although that’s really not what you can assume that anyone is looking for. It’s an easy way to meet cool people who want to screw!