You might be a jerk, but it’s not cool to call all women crazy. There are bad apples in every bunch and if you do that, you’re going to make yourself look like an idiot.

Why You Shouldn't Call All Women Crazy
Why You Shouldn’t Call All Women Crazy

The fact that you’re using this line indicates that you’re jaded AF from your past relationships and that you don’t have much hope for the future. You’re probably still reliving all the crap that went down with your ex and are blaming her for everything.

1. You’re a jerk

We get that you had a bad experience with one woman, but the idea that all women are crazy is stupid. It only shows how jaded you are and that you aren’t open to change or growth.

But you can stop thinking that way. You have to take responsibility for your actions and learn how to deal with conflict in a healthy, mature way.

A jerk is someone who treats others with disrespect or has a large ego. They might also have a hard time recognizing their own shortcomings.

2. You’re immature

If you’re dating a woman who is immature, it could be a sign that she has underlying issues. Often, these behaviors are linked to past traumas and problems that they haven’t been able to resolve.

When women act emotionally immature, they don’t understand how to deal with stress or conflict. Instead, they use anger outbursts or other forms of drama to express their feelings.

This behavior can affect their relationships and make them feel emotionally vulnerable. It can also lead to them feeling resentful and angry toward their partner.

3. You’re a liar

One of the most annoying bachelors out there is the guy who claims that all women are crazy. It’s a pretty toxic mindset to have.

You can’t be too surprised, as this is probably a guy who hasn’t gotten over his last relationship or who hasn’t taken the time to learn about a woman’s mental health issues.

There are several ways to tell that a guy is lying to you, including eye movement, swiping your credit card or fiddling with your hair. But the best way to spot a liar is the ol’ fashioned fumble with the money. It’s also a good idea to pay close attention to the little details like the way he holds your hand or the way he says you’re beautiful.

4. You’re a narcissist

In many cases, sexism comes from people who don’t understand the complexities of women’s minds and are simply baffled by their motives. They often ask women when they’re going to get a boyfriend, get married and/or have children as if those are the only things that can make them feel like they’ve fulfilled their life purpose.

A narcissist is a manipulative person, and they can use guilt trips, shaming, and other tools to coerce others into their will. They also believe that they are entitled to certain things, including money, fame, sex, and other people’s time and energy.

5. You’re a sexist

Sexism is a form of prejudice that focuses on gender. It includes any action, speech, law, or practice that places a higher value on one sex over another.

Worldwide, sexism most often affects women and girls. It is based on biological traits, such as genitalia and chromosomes, and also involves societal and cultural roles and expectations.

Sexism can be hostile (as in sexism-based discrimination) or benevolent (positive, empowering attitudes and ideals about women). Hostile sexism is associated with sexual aggression toward women by increasing objectification102 and denying them uniquely human emotions103.