Despite the best efforts of stylists, celebrities often make wardrobe mishaps. However, what makes a celebrity wardrobe mishap different from an ordinary wardrobe mistake?

What Makes a Celebrity Wardrobe Mishap Different From an Ordinary Wardrobe Mistake
What Makes a Celebrity Wardrobe Mishap Different From an Ordinary Wardrobe Mistake?

Katherine Heigl

During a recent award ceremony, Katherine Heigl suffered the ignominy of a dress strap breaking during her speech. She was being congratulated for her role in the The Ugly Truth and 27 Dresses.

The strap did indeed break during the ceremony, but Heigl managed to secure it with a bit of a show. Access Hollywood host Billy Bush was in the right place at the right time to hold up Heigl’s dress while she was giving her speech. The strap actually came out the other side of the dress, where it was then replaced by a shiny, gold pin.

Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid recently experienced a wardrobe malfunction, and she handled the situation like a pro. She was the only model on the catwalk without shoes and she walked the runway with grace. This isn’t the first time that a supermodel has suffered a wardrobe mishap on the runway.

Earlier this month, Gigi lost her shoe at New York Fashion Week. She was wearing white clogs when she went through the passageway later in the night. Her outfit looked very nice, but she may have been happier with a clean break. She wore two very sexy outfits. She also wore some really good jewelry.

Cardi B

Throughout her career, Cardi B has had to deal with a few wardrobe mishaps. Some of the most embarrassing were during her first few shows after having liposuction and breast augmentation surgeries. But no matter what the problem was, she handled the situation like a professional.

Cardi B was wearing a sequined skin-tight bodysuit during her set at the Bonnaroo Music & Arts Festival. As she was dancing, the bodysuit suddenly began to tear. It ripped right along the back of her dress. It also exposed more of her derriere. So, Cardi quickly went to her dressing room to fix the issue. She then came back on stage in a bathrobe.


Regardless of whether or not Beyonce’s wardrobe mishap was a fashion statement or just a normal occurrence, she handled the situation with class and grace. She kept her cool throughout the entire performance and didn’t let a wardrobe failure ruin her otherwise flawless performance.

Beyonce has had a lot of wardrobe malfunctions during her career. In fact, her sartorial mistakes have been well-documented. She has had at least eight wardrobe malfunctions.

During Beyonce’s Coachella performance on Saturday, she sported five different outfits. She performed a full two hours of her best hits. She also reunited with Destiny’s Child and had a pop-up appearance from Jay Z. In addition to the usual dance crew, Beyonce had a choir, drumline and step team. She also performed with her husband and sister.

Princess Diana

During Princess Diana’s time as a royal, she broke a lot of fashion rules. She went against protocol, wore a lot of bold outfits, and defied the rules of what was appropriate for a monarch. She was very outspoken about her support of AIDS victims, and she wanted to devote more time to charitable activities.

When Diana and Prince Charles first started dating, they were very different in their style. Charles was very conservative and preferred to wear a classic suit, while Diana was more experimental and pushed the boundaries of fashion.

After their engagement, the Princess of Wales attended a gala at Goldsmith’s Hall. She also attended a charity event for the Royal Opera House. She wore a Catherine Walker dress that featured puff long sleeves.

Vanessa Hudgens

During her recent Rolling Stones tour, Vanessa Hudgens suffered a wardrobe mishap. She was wearing a skintight jumpsuit and accompanied it with a big black belt. In a related matter, her boyfriend, Austin Butler, also stepped on her dress, and caused the dress to fall to the floor. It’s unclear whether or not he had any intention of doing this, but he did.

On the plus side, she showed off the hair accessory of the hour. Rather than going the traditional updo, she chose a slicked back topknot. She completed the look with a matching headpiece and gold hoop earrings. She also opted for a white pedicure.

Kim Kardashian

During Kim Kardashian’s Milan Fashion Week, she made a mistake. She wore a white silk dress with a plunging neckline. But, the zipper of the dress unzipped from the bottom up. This caused her nipple to show through. This was not the first time the reality star has dealt with wardrobe malfunctions.

Another embarrassing incident occurred during Kim Kardashian’s flight to Miami. She was caught in a camera flash showing off her nipple. She covered the boob with her left hand.

At the same time, she was also caught wearing a slit in her skirt. She had a huge side boob showing and a lot of excess material covering her shoe.